Storytelling Cards

Editorial/Conceptual, Illustration


Esplora Interactive Science Center

Working on this set of 20 concept-driven, storytelling cards (as part of the intergenerational, interdisciplinary, community project “Grandma Got STEAM” (Women in Science, Technology, Education, Arts & Mathematics)) was a thoroughly enjoyable challenge.

My role as an illustrator was to visually translate the outcome of a series of workshops conducted by Lignin Stories into a set of cards that are meant to prompt conversation. It was also an opportunity for me focus on conceptual illustrations and depict more abstract notions – while contributing toward a good cause. All cards are freely available and more info about the project (curated by Esplora and Spazju Kreattiv) can be found on the esplora website. These illustrated cards received an Honorable Mention at the “3×3 Magazine (US) – Professional Show 2019” in the Editorial Category;