Spatio-Temporal Statistics using R

Book Covers, Illustration


CRC Press: Taylor and Francis Group.

Creating a book cover for a highly technical book presents significant challenges where one needs to juggle visual appeal with honest indications about what the publication is all about.

This academic publication aims to provide an accessible introduction to statistical analysis using the R programming language. It provides researchers with tools that can help with the analysis and prediction of natural phenomena such as climate change and migration patterns. The brief was distilled into keywords such as space, time, data and natural phenomena. Numerous sketches led me to develop a digital image that transforms statistical elements into universally relatable ones. Eg a turbulent flow of data is tamed and morphs into landscape-like graphs. Or eg. data frames shed a metaphorical light onto a human figure that is dwarfed by the implications of research. Published by: CRC Press: Taylor and Francis Group.