ŻiguŻajg 2020 International Festival 

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Żigużajg International Festival


Concept Generation | Main Illustrations | Layout Proposals | Animatable Illustration Assets

I think I might have depleted my life-supply of cheerfulness to create all the illustrations for ŻiguŻajg Festival 2020 :)

Due to the 2020 partial-lockdown, the 10th Anniversary edition of ZiguZajg (an arts festival for children & young people) had shifted to an online platform – meaning that even more visual content was required to embellish this ambitious multidisciplinary event. This involved a close collaboration with the ŻiguŻajg team, Spazju Kreattiv (St James Cavalier), animator Malcolm Ricci (Ricci Motion Studio), design studio Bloom Creative and all the events’ respective producers.

The flying birthday cake was the festival’s main animated visual that also set the tone for the other illustrations and the rest of the visual branding.