Isles of Lore

Album Covers, Illustration


Weeping Silence


Idea Generation | Creation of Illustration | Graphic Design | Drums & Songwriting Contribution

‘Isles of Lore’ is Weeping Silence’s fifth album release and is inspired by the timeless allure of Maltese folklore characters, creatures and legends. Being the band’s drummer and having been involved in the very early days of this project’s song writing, it was inevitable that I would also work on the cover art.

The cover features a stylised rendition of “Ċensa l-Mewt” – a Maltese, female, reaper-like entity – wearing an “għonnella” (Maltese traditional head dress) and housed within a profile of a skull. The name “Ċensa” is derived from the word “ċens” (meaning ground rent) – implying a collection of debt due.

The smaller emblems represent each character that is featured in this concept album.