Għoxx Qalbek (V.1)

Fine Art

In Għoxx Qalbek I chose to manipulate the human heart – a universal symbol of love – and diametrically transform its meaning through an intervention of my choice.

By fusing a vagina into the anatomy of a heart I created a literal interpretation of the vulgar, yet common, Maltese expression “F’għoxx qalbek” (which literally translates to “Fuck the vagina of your heart”) – a rather absurd yet strangely poetic insult.

This is another drawing from the series “Radical Transformations” that was exhibited at the collective exhibition Divergent Thinkers 3 at Blitz in 2014 – wherein I assigned alternative roles to familiar objects.

I think I was seduced by the prospect of creating an object that simultaneously hosts two, diametrically opposite, strong emotions. It can also be seen as an uncomfortable, graphic reminder of the way love can morph into hatred when a significant relationship ends.

Drawing 3 of 4 from the series “Radical Transformations”.