White Lies, Black Truths

Album Covers, Illustration




Idea Generation | Creation of Illustration | Graphic Design

As a prog-nerd myself, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to create the artwork for UK-based Midgenuun’s upcoming progressive metal album.

Essentially I have used Midge Nuun’s distinctive approach to music composition and the album title as a point of departure to create this artwork. Notions such as duality, intricacy, chaos, conundrums, inner turmoil, etc all fed into the idea-generation phase of this concept until I stumbled upon an idea we both agreed on.

This collaboration went a step further and I also ended up being a guest-drummer the beast of a track that is “War Without End” – enabling me to fuse my greatest passions: idea generation, visual art and drums :)

The full, 10-minute track is yet unreleased but this teaser clip should give a good indication of what to expect from Midgenuun’s music.

The artwork has been shorlisted at the AOI World Illustration Awards 2021 from among 5,000 worldwide entries and is now part of the official catalogue.