The Gut Bar was an interactive installation that invited users to become protagonists in a multimedia performance as part of the regeneration program to revive the once vibrant Strada Stretta in Valletta.

Through a collaborative effort between myself (illustrator), Danjeli (musician & programmer) and Pawlu Mizzi (graphic designer) we created an installation wherein a physical piano reacted to participants’ playing by projecting different characters on a screen and emanating sounds associated with Strada Stretta.

Thus the piano functioned as a dream machine – possessing the ability to briefly bring to life the characters that gave Strada Stretta its identity. Through this interaction visitors temporarily became active participants in the old Strada Stretta lifestyle.

Mixed Media Installation.

  • Gut-Bar
  • Gut-Bar-004
  • Gut-Bar-002
  • Gut-Bar-003
  • Gut-Bar-005