Sulluzzu (Hiccups)

Fine Art

Sulluzzu (Maltese word for “hiccups”) was a conceptual installation that cynically celebrated the destructive urge to recreate and improve.

Being a much-abused Maltese motif, the luzzu (a Maltese traditional fishing boat) is presented as a metaphoric representation of visual clichés and the habitual regurgitation of safe ideas.

In fact, the glorified, catastrophic end of the luzzu serves as an irreverent nudge: a commentary about modern-day “luzzijiet” (plural of Luzzu) in the form of blind adherence to trends and the servile commitment to quench popular taste.

Although the design of the luzzu has withstood the test of time and is part of Maltese heritage, this installation can serve as an invitation to sail away from safe harbours in order to explore alternatives that are more relevant to contemporary concerns.

The title “Sulluzzu” was chosen because it playfully rhymes with “luzzu” but also because hiccups tend to be repetitive and annoying.

Mixed Media Installation at Malta Design Week 2011.