Cloudy Night

Fine Art

“Cloudy Night” was my visual interpretation of a track by well-known, Maltese guitarist Wayne Camilleri. In order to complement the music on his album “Only the Heart Can Tell – Life in Lockdown”, Wayne had invited a number of visual artists, including myself, to each provide a visual representation of one track.

This particular song is characterised by a dreamy, guitar-driven composition that steadily leads to a powerful and emotional buildup. The combination of beautiful melancholy and a sense of longing and solitude led to the creation of this oil painting.

The visual interpretation of “Cloudy Night” (Oil on Board – 90cm diameter) features a predominantly peaceful mood that eclipses the slow catastrophe that is unfolding. This feeling might also reflect our shared experience with Covid where we were left helpless in the face of the magnitude of natural phenomena. At least music can be beautifully-soothing company – until the clouds clear up.

The full album can be viewed/heard here.