One of the aspects I find most exciting in the field of illustration / visual art is condensing complex, multifaceted notions into a single, appealing image – as often is the case in publishing and editorial contexts.

In fact, this book cover was intended to work on a number of levels, some of which are not immediately noticeable…

Ħelsien” (Maltese for “Liberation”) is a psychological novel by Guze Bonnici that is centred around the intricate interactions involved in a love triangle that escalates in violence. The story is distinctively characterised by unclear, mixed motivations, multifaceted characters and the lack of closure. Originally published in the 1930’s this novel also portrays a cross-section of the divisive socio-political situation in Malta at the time.

The themes explored encouraged me to opt for a foggy ambience that features little visual surprises such as the hidden faces as well as the hinted Maltese typical skyline.

Client: SKS Publishers.